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The college transfer portal has become the number one recruiting source for college basketball coaches. Programs are now able to fill the needs of their rosters with players that are already proven at the collegiate level. The transfer portal has also balanced the power between coaches and players. Players should not feel embarrassed or shamed because they have regrets of their college decision. Sometimes things just don't work out and its time for a change.


Ascension Sports can assist the athlete and their circle through this process. With the help of Ascension Sports, athletes never have to worry about being inundated with unwanted phone calls/text. Ascension Sports becomes the primary point of contact in order to make sure any school reaching out meets the criteria of the athlete. We also send your information out to our database consisting of 300+ coaches enhancing exposure. When transferring, understanding the academic ramifications is usually lost. With our consultation, Ascension Sports will provide a clear picture of the athletes academic future. This process is important to ensure the athlete can still graduate on time.  

Ascension Sports is very proud of the relationships we have developed with college coaches. The genuine relationships separates our clients from the nearly 2 thousand average players who enter the transfer portal annually. Don't make the mistake of entering the transfer portal without consulting with Ascension Sports. 

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