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Why Choose Ascension Sports ?

High School Recruiting Services: Receive honest feedback straight from college coaches. By becoming a client of Ascension Sports, players will have their footage sent out to hundreds of coaches for real time feedback. Once we obtain the feedback, we will lay out a detailed plan to help each player reach the best destination. The recruiting process is more than social media post and website profiles. The transfer portal has made it essential to have someone i your athletes corner to make the necessary adjustments when the recruiting process throws you a curveball. Ascension Sports prides itself on its ability to find success for its clients in a forever changing recruiting process. If you have a high school basketball player, don't wait until Senior year to seek guidance. The recruiting process starts freshman year. 

College Coach Advancement and Placement: Our network in the basketball landscape is second to none. Whether its helping college coaches advance in the industry or helping guys break into the industry as Graduate Assistants/Recruiting Coordinators/ Director of Basketball Operations etc. we can help facilitate all of these options with anonymity and discretion as to not compromise current employment. Become more visible with our aggressive social media marketing and zoom meetings to help grow your personal relationships.  

Transfer Portal Assistance: We will include the clients requested circle in every aspect of the recruiting process when entering the transfer portal.  We understand each athlete has a circle that will help them make the best decision for their future. Its our job to secure all the information needed for the prospect to make an informed decision. The transfer portal is saturated with players looking for new opportunities, before making a decision to leave your current school, let us research your market value. A lot of players have entered the portal and have been unsuccessful getting out. We will help the player and his/her circle throughout the entire process. Our motto is "Get In...Get Out" 

NIL Basketball Camps: If your college athlete would like the opportunity to have Ascension Sports help setup a basketball camp using their likeness to generate income, please contact us and let us walk you through the process. The NIL ruling is a much needed change in college athletics, but make sure your athlete does it the right way and in a safe environment. Ascension Sports will make sure your athlete makes money, understands how to pay the taxes on the earned company, setup an LLC to cover their liability and help them continue to build their branding. 

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