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It's every athletes dream to play their favorite sport for their favorite collegiate team. Receiving an athletic scholarship is achieved by less than 3% of the nations high school athletes. College coaches are turning more to the transfer portal and less to high school athletes. College coaches now have the opportunity to bring in older players to fill the needs of their program. High school players now have to produce at a higher level and have their production marketed at a professional level, in order to obtain a scholarship. 

Ascension Sports has a network of over 800 coaches including basketball and football at all levels (Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, NAIA, JUCO). We provide our network with content of our Ascension Sports Athletes after each of their games. We receive direct feedback from the collegiate coaching staffs that help us position our athletes in front of the right coaches. There are many companies that promote players simply by social media, but when it comes to final results non of them can match the success of Ascension Sports. 

If your high school athlete is full of talent and lacking exposure...Ascension Sports will make them VISIBLE. We take the guess work out of the recruiting process. Receive real time feedback from coaches of all levels. All parties involved with the athletes process will have the information needed to make the best decision for the future. Help your athlete Ascend to the next level by contacting us today for more information. #NoStudentLoans #KeepAscending

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